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Training and Walking

A little bit about What we do

  It's more than just a visit

We routinely walk, play and train your dog to make sure that they're not just getting love, but they're also  exercised and mental stimulation.

As professional dog walkers, it is our responsibility to help the dog maintain a healthy exercise program, enjoy social interaction and relieve himself during the day. For the overly excited pets we offer hiking trips to change daily routines.
Seasonal trips to beach are also available.
Whenever our schedule allows for it, your dog will get some extra Tender, Loving, Care time.
But of course ensuring more time is always appreciated by your dog.


Training and Socialization

Among all the things you do for your dog, training and socialization is most important. VIP Canine Training teaches fundamental skills  at the convenience of your home . Setting up a learning structure that you’ll use for the entire course of his or her life, your dog will learn to listen to your direction, focus on cue and respond to basic obedience commands.  

Not all dogs learn the same way. That's why we customize our training to suit your needs and your dogs needs.Our goal is to have a happy owner and a happy dog.