Start dates :  June 19th at  6:30 pm

                     June  19th at 7:30pm

* All classes will be held same day of the week same time.  All classes are 4 weeks long and are 1 hour each. No refunds or make ups will be allowed.

Training and Walking

Has your puppy taken our puppy start right program or taken private classes with us? Are you ready to take those skill and work with distractions ?

Is your pup pulling you in all directions? Are you yelling his/her name a hundred times without your dog even glancing at you? Does your dog ignore you when you ask him/her to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this class is for you.

Outdoors Obedience Class

Start Dates : 

Manners Class

Text or call us at : 551-221-7736