In Home cage free Boarding:

This includes pick up and drop off.  He/she will stay in our home in a family enviroment and enjoy the same comforts as your own home.

Basic Training:

Among all the things you do for your dog, training is most important. VIP Canine Basic Training teaches fundamental skills beginning in a distraction-free environment. Setting up a learning structure that you’ll use for the entire course of his or her life, your dog will learn to listen to your direction, focus on cue and respond to basic obedience commands. As the prerequisite for all good social behavior as well as for any future, more advanced training you may wish to do, Basic Training is the place to start.

VIP Canine Basic Training Program is structured to fit your own individual lifestyle, pocketbook and schedule, while providing the fundamentals that your dog needs.

Some of the lessons we’ll cover in Basic Training:

  • Touch

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Leash Walking

  • Down

  • Drop It/Let go

  • Leave It

  • Off

  • No Jumping

  • Socialization

Call or email me and let’s get started!

Cats & Critter visits:

To meet Parents and pet -$10

$25 per visit

This includes cleaning litter box, feeding, fresh water, playtime, administer medication and bringing in the mail. Any special request are taking care of.

Addition time is $5 per 10 minutes

House sitting:

$100 per calender day

$150 for holidays

One of our trained staff members will be staying at your home ensuring all is taking care from pets to plants.

Hiking Trips: 

$100 per dog

$75 -VIP members

Your dog would be picked up first thing in the morning and dropped of home after a long hike. 

Private Services: $60 + an hour

Consider us your private concierge for your pup. We insure that your pet is well taken care of from food to vet visits and whatever else in between. This service is offered to Hudson County and Bergen County.