NJ Walking Rates:

  • 30 minute walk- $25

NJ Package walks:

  • 10xs 30min walk- $200               

NJ VIP Members

* Mon-Fri between hours of 9am-4pm. 

  1. 30 minute walk--------$350

  2. 2xs per day 30 min---$600

Perks of being a VIP Member. 

  • Discounts on hiking, boarding, and last minute walks

  • Guaranteed time frame

  • Priority boarding services

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Addition dog discount

$25 registration fee applies to all new clients.Fee waived for those who become VIP MEMBERS.

Areas covered are: Bergen county and Hudson County 

* For monthly packages no refunds are given for any walks canceled. Monthly packages must be paid in full by the 5th of each month. A $5 late fee will be assessed for each day late and VIP Canine holds the right to cancel walks. If services are stopped full month will still be charged. One month notice is required to terminate services. VIP CANINE holds the right to cancel walks if weather conditions are severe. Holidays are not included.  NJ Package walks do not include nights and weekends.






As professional dog walkers, it is our responsibility to help the dog maintain a healthy exercise program, enjoy social interaction and relieve himself during the day. For the overly excited pets we offer hiking trips to change daily routines.
Seasonal trips to beach are also available.
Whenever our schedule allows for it, your dog will get some extra Tender, Loving, Care time.
But of course ensuring more time is always appreciated by your dog.

Walking Service

You love'em, We love'em, let us walk'em !